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Activities by Course or Subject

(based on ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculum 2008)

ECS (Exploring Computer Science) CSP (Computer Science Principles) CS0 (course for non-majors)
IntroCS (Intoductory CS) CS1 (1st course for majors) CS2 (2nd course for majors)
AR. Architecture & Organization AL. Algorithms & Computation CN. Scientific Computation
DS. Discrete Structures GV. Graphics & Visualization HC. Human Computer Interaction
IM. Information Management IS. Intelligent Systems OS. Operating Systems
PF. Programming Fundamentals PL. Programming Languages
SE. Software Engineering SP. Social & Professional Issues HFOSS (Humanitarian FOSS)
non-CS activities

Activities by Author

(authors who have contributed sets of activities)

Clif Kussmaul
CSP, CS1/CS2 (Java), DS&A, SE, AI, etc
Helen Hu, Tricia Shepherd
CSP, Scientific Computing, CS1, etc
Nancy Harris, Ralph Grove, Chris Mayfield
Lisa Olivieri
Heidi Ellis
Stoney Jackson
Tammy Pirmann
Matt Lang
Algorithms, Theory
Peter Drake

Activities by Language or Tool

C/C++ HTML/CSS Java Python

Activities by Stage of Development

Stage 0: Conceived Stage 1: Drafted Stage 2: Piloted Stage 3: Refined
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