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[+] What is POGIL?

[+] What prerequisite knowledge is needed to use POGIL?

[+] Can POGIL be applied to any topic in any discipline?

[+] How to cover required content?

[+] How often to use POGIL?

[+] How to learn more about POGIL?

Classroom Management

[+] How to assign students to teams?

[+] How to assign roles to team members?

[+] Should teams use notes, textbooks, or other resources to complete activities?

[+] How to get attention of teams & students?

[+] How to report out?

[+] How to manage large classes?

[+] How to use student facilitators?

[+] How to maintain focus (if teams get restless)?

[+] How to help students who don’t like teams or don’t participate in team?

[+] How to grade POGIL activities?

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