Intro to POGIL workshops on request

Do you and/or other instructors in your area want to learn more about Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)? We can provide a limited number of half or full day Introduction to POGIL workshops anywhere in the US.

POGIL is an evidence-based instructional approach in which student teams work on activities that are specifically designed to guide them to construct understanding of key concepts, and also to develop skills in teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. As much as possible, the workshops use POGIL activities to help you understand how POGIL works (for more information, see http://pogil.org).

There is a growing community of CS POGIL instructors and over 200 POGIL activities for CS (see http://cspogil.org). Since 2010, we have led POGIL workshops at SIGCSE, SIGITE, CCSC, CSTA, ASEE, and AAC&U conferences. We want to reach a wider range of institutions and recruit instructors to participate in our NSF IUSE IntroCS-POGIL project (http://introcspogil.org).

Your Intro to POGIL workshop can have 16-40 participants, as long as at least 8 are college instructors who expect to teach an introductory CS course in the next academic year. We especially encourage participants from community colleges and minority serving institutions. The other participants can be college or high school instructors from any discipline (e.g., Chemistry, Math). Thus, we encourage you to contact CS instructors at nearby institutions, centers for teaching and learning, and your local CSTA chapter.

To apply, please send the following information to clif at kussmaul.org:

  1. your name, institution, & contact information
  2. possible locations, dates, times, and duration for the workshop
  3. the expected total number of participants, and how you plan to recruit them
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