IntroCS Participant Expectations

The NSF IUSE IntroCS-POGIL Project studies how faculty implement Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) in introductory computer science (IntroCS) courses. Our primary goal is to understand factors that most influence faculty to adopt POGIL and how the degree of implementation affects student learning and engagement. A secondary goal is to make it significantly easier to adopt POGIL by disseminating high quality instructional resources and enhancing current professional development practices.

Each year, we plan to support approximately 15 participants organized into 4 teams, mentored by 4 experienced POGIL instructors.

To apply, please fill out this application.


To be a participant, you must:

  • Be a full-time faculty member or regular adjunct at a US college or university. Full-time faculty includes tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track positions. Regular adjuncts should have multiple years of experience teaching CS 1. We welcome faculty and adjuncts from all types of institutions, including community colleges, HBCUs, tribal colleges, etc.
  • Teach a introductory computer science course using Java or Python at least once every year. For AY 2021-2022, we recognize that these classes may be online, blended, hybrid, face-to-face, or a mix of all of the above. You can use any textbook, LMS, or other tools (e.g., GradeScope). We only require that you use POGIL activities in your class.

Expectations for Participants

As an IntroCS-POGIL participant, you will receive $4000 (in several stages) to complete:

2021 Summer

  • Be assigned to a team with a mentor. We encourage you to apply with colleagues from similar institutions (or even the same institution).
  • Attend multiple virtual workshops in mid-July on POGIL pedagogy: 
    • Mon-Tue July   12-13, POGIL Fundamentals (or May 17-18)
    • Wed       July   14,       IntroCS specific session
    • Mon-Thu July   19-22,  POGIL Facilitation
    • Fri          July   23,      IntroCS specific session
  • Most days will be 1-4 pm ET, to reduce Zoom burnout.
  • Workshop registration will be reimbursed.

2021-22 Academic Year

  • Teach at least one IntroCS course and use POGIL activities and classroom facilitation at least eight times in your course (of the 30+ activities available).
  • Assist with IRB application at your institution (IntroCS POGIL project will provide template).
  • Submit a short feedback form for each POGIL activity you use.
  • Participate in the IntroCS-POGIL Community of Practice.
  • Complete two instructor surveys (pre/post).
  • Complete two instructor interviews (at the beginning and end of the course) to discuss teaching with POGIL.
  • Administer surveys to your students.
  • Collect & submit data on student outcomes (grade distribution in IntroCS course).
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