POGIL Patterns

A pattern is a detailed description of an effective practice. Patterns have been used in a variety of fields, including architecture, software development, and education.

A pattern can be described using various formats, but they typically contains similar elements. The pattern’s name should be concise and evocative. The context describes situations in which a pattern may be relevant. The problem statement is supported by a description of forces (positive and negative) that influence the problem. The solution statement is supported by a description of consequences, and potential responses. Pattern descriptions often include further discussion and examples, and refer to other related patterns.

Thus, in POGIL patterns should help us to better identify and understand the elements and factors in activities and classroom facilitation, and provide a vocabulary to promote higher-level discussions among POGIL practitioners. Similarly, documenting POGIL patterns should help the pattern community and other educators to understand practices that are effective, wide-spread, and well understood in the POGIL community.

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Non-Disruptive Signal 0
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Rotate Team Roles 0
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Speak for Team 0
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Students Interact and Construct Under... 0
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