Roles and Role Cards

In POGIL, students work in teams, and each team member is typically assigned a specific role. Roles help to engage all team members, and remind them of key responsibilities. Although a team may stay together for weeks or months, they usually rotate roles for each activity, so that all students develop skills for all roles. Typical roles include:

Manager or Facilitator Keeps the team on task and on schedule.
Recorder or Quality Control Records answers for the team, or ensures that all members have correct answers.
Presenter or Speaker or Spokesperson Presents answers (or questions) to the class, instructor, or other teams.
Reflector or Strategy Analyst or Process Analyst Considers how the team is working and how it could improve in the future.


Some instructors find it helpful to use visual aids that indicate which team member has which role, and what duties it entails. For example:

  • Give each team member a role card that indicates their role and its responsibilities.
  • Give each team a role wheel that goes in the middle of the table and indicates who has which role.

These aids can be printed on card stock and/or laminated if they will be used repeatedly. Two sets of role cards and a role wheel are attached below.

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