Brent Yorgey - Algorithms and Computation

These activities were developed by Brent Yorgey for Algorithms and Computation. The activities are at https://github.com/byorgey/algorithms-POGIL.

Stage Activity Name
3: Refined Intro to POGIL
3: Refined Brute Force Algorithms
3: Refined Greatest Common Divisor Analysis
3: Refined Asymptotic Analysis: Introduction
3: Refined Asymptotic Analysis: Definitions
3: Refined Asymptotic Analysis: Limit Theorems
3: Refined Asymptotic Analysis: Three Proofs
3: Refined Graphs: Introduction
3: Refined Graphs: Breadth First Search
3: Refined Graphs: Dijkstra’s Algorithm
3: Refined Minimum Spanning Trees
3: Refined Graphs: Kruskal’s Algorithm
3: Refined Divide and Conquer: Introduction
3: Refined Divide and Conquer: Arithmetic
3: Refined Divide and Conquer: Selection
3: Refined Dynamic Programming: Introduction
3: Refined Dynamic Programming: 2D
3: Refined Dynamic Programming: Floyd-Warshall
3: Refined Flow Networks: Introduction
3: Refined Flow Networks: Max Flow
3: Refined Amortized Analysis: Introduction
3: Refined Amortized Analysis: Arrays
3: Refined Amortized Analysis: Binomial Heaps
3: Refined Reductions: Introduction
3: Refined Reductions: SAT and 3-SAT
3: Refined Linear Sorting
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