Chris Mayfield - Computer Science 0

These activities were developed by Chris Mayfield and colleagues for Computer Science 0 in Python. The activities are at: https://github.com/ChrisMayfield/cspogil/tree/master/CS0.

Stage Activity Name
3: Revised Introduction -- hi-lo game, algorithms and complexity, fast vs easy
3: Revised Bits and Bytes -- logic gates, digital circuits, binary and hexadecimal
3: Revised Program Execution -- computer architecture and machine instructions
3: Revised Operating Systems -- screenshots, interaction with apps and hardware
3: Revised Computer Networking -- IP, DNS, bandwidth and latency, speed tests
3: Revised Information Security -- encryption, Caesar cipher, Vigenère cipher
3: Revised Algorithms and Python -- using IDLE, print, raw_input, guessing game
3: Revised Programming Languages -- Y86-64 assembly vs. Standard C vs Python
3: Revised Software Engineering -- software dev life cycle, waterfall vs. interative
3: Revised Data Structures -- contiguous arrays, indexes, linked lists, pointers, null
3: Revised Database Systems -- select and project, Cartesian product and theta join
3: Revised Artificial Intelligence -- 8-puzzle, tic-tac-toe, search trees, heuristics
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