Helen Hu - CS Principles

Helen Hu has a set of POGIL activities for CS Principles. They were designed, tested, and refined for a college level course, supported by AAC&U Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM (TIDES). The programming is done in AppInventor, but some of the POGIL activities are language independent.
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Stage Activity Name
3: Refined Learning Team
3: Refined AppInventor Exploration (App Inventor)
3: Refined Parts of a Computer
3: Refined Variables
3: Refined Binary / ASCII / Abstraction
3: Refined Loops (App Inventor)
3: Refined Modulo Operator / Random Numbers (App Inventor)
3: Refined Pseudocode / Lists (App Inventor)
3: Refined Bits, Bytes, & Text Compression
3: Refined Black & White Images
3: Refined Color Images
3: Refined Introduction to the Internet
3: Refined Internet Protocols
3: Refined Encryption
3: Refined Programming Process / Secure Coding
3: Refined Debugging (App Inventor)
3: Refined Data Persistence (App Inventor)
3: Refined Passwords
3: Refined Programming Process
3: Refined Software Engineering
3: Refined Computational Science
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