Mark Gondree

These activities were developed by Mark Gondree for Architecture and Organization. They focus on the 32-bit ARM architecture, and are based on activities by Clif Kussmaul.
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Stage Activity Name Notes
2: Piloted Data Reps I: Bits bits & bytes, number systems,
C types & operators, text, instructions
2: Piloted Data Reps II: Integers signed & unsigned, C types, casting, operations
2: Piloted Combinatorial Logic - Adders ripple-carry adders
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2: Piloted Code Reps I: Architecture abstraction, hardware, storage hierarchy, etc
2: Piloted Code Reps II: Steps & Files (ARM) preprocess, compile, assemble, link
2: Piloted Code Reps III: Addressing (ARM) registers, direct, indirect, scaled index, etc
2: Piloted Code Reps V: Control Flow (ARM) condition codes, jumps, conditional momves
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